Plant Rentals

Rent plants or flowers to liven up your home

Many people enjoy the life that flowers and greenery add to indoor spaces, but it's not always easy to find the time to plant, cultivate and maintain plants. They're an even more welcome addition at the office, where plants can be a soothing oasis from stiff, formal interiors, but who has the time during a hectic work day to take care of plants?

Plant rentals offer an easy solution. You can simply place your order with a florist, greenhouse or interior design supplier that rents plants and transform your lifeless indoor space into a welcoming, energetic environment teeming with greenery.

Why Rent a Plant?

A large number of plant rentals are ordered by businesses seeking to create a more welcoming space for employees and visitors. Studies suggest that greener environments tend to encourage better employee productivity, and having a nicely decorated and friendly environment to show to visitors speaks volumes about a company's values. Over the years, many businesses have found renting plants to be the fastest, easiest way to liven up a work environment. Plant and flower rentals also appeal to homeowners who want to enjoy their unique and therapeutic effects but don't have the time to grow or maintain them.

By and large, though, plant rentals are sought by people who are organizing special events, particularly weddings. More and more people are choosing to get married in the comfort and privacy of their own homes or the homes of loved ones rather than churches and other public places. Plant rentals offer a quick, economical solution to your decoration needs.

Available Types of Plant Rentals

With TV rentals, appliance rentals and other types of furniture rentals, you have a lot of options at your disposal, and this is no less true of plant rentals. You can order elaborate floral arrangements and bouquets for special occasions, rent fully-grown individual plants like ferns and bonsai trees on a short-term or long-term basis, or even get silk plant rentals if you're worried about allergies or want a purely decorative, upkeep-free option.

Most plant rentals cost no more than a few dollars a day, and flower and greenery rental companies are more than happy to meet both short-term and long-term needs. Whether you want to liven up a special event or spruce up your home or office, plant rentals offer one of the most dramatic and least expensive ways to do it.

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