Baby Furniture Rental

Rent baby gear to save money

Between obstetrician bills, baby clothes and home baby-proofing equipment, money can get tight in an awful hurry when there's a new bundle of joy on the way – so tight that you may be left scrambling to come up with enough to furnish the nursery. If you're feeling the pinch and don't have a lot of money to put down for new furnishings, baby furniture rentals are an option worth considering.

Advantages of Baby Equipment Rentals

A baby furniture and crib rental may be just the solution you're seeking if you don't have the cash or credit to finance the purchase of nursery furnishings. Many baby equipment rental franchises don't require large deposits or down payments, and monthly rental rates are usually easier to work into your budget than monthly payments on a financed furniture purchase.

Another situation in which it might make more sense to rent baby gear rather than buy it is if you're only planning on having one child. Investing in nursery furniture makes a lot more sense if you're going to be able to reuse it when you have more children, but when you tally up the numbers, you may find it will actually cost you less to rent if you won't need the furniture any longer once your baby outgrows it. This strategy also saves you the time and hassle involved with trying to sell secondhand baby furniture to make some of your money back.

If you're traveling and you have a rented vehicle, you can also get baby car seat rentals rather than lugging your own car seat on the trip. Many car rental companies offer customers this option as a convenient courtesy, but you should call ahead to make sure if you anticipate needing a baby car seat rental.

Rent-to-Own Baby Furniture

Rent to own furniture is another alternative that makes sense for a lot of people. This option allows you to lease furniture for an extended period of time with a built-in option to purchase it for the difference between the asking price and the amount you've paid for the furniture over the course of your lease.

You'll need to furnish your nursery; there's no way around it. Baby furniture rentals give you a helpful option at a time when most people find themselves strapped for cash.

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