Furniture Rental

Rent furniture for your house or apartment

Furniture rental services have long been used by businesses, but it's now a growing trend in the consumer market as well. There are many advantages to getting rental furniture instead of buying it, and companies that rent furniture almost always offer free delivery and even same-day service.

Why Should You Rent Furniture?

Personal finance experts say that rental apartment furniture is advantageous in three major ways. First, it allows you to try out furnishings before you buy them. If, for example, you've been eyeing up a new leather couch but aren't yet sure whether or not to take the plunge, you can rent one to see how you like it and how it fits in with the rest of your home décor before making a major financial commitment.

Second, rental furniture is the ideal solution to short-term needs. If you're temporarily relocating, rental furniture gives you the ability to fully furnish your dwelling without spending a lot of money. More and more parents are considering baby furniture rentals as well, as an alternative to getting stuck with furniture after the baby has outgrown it.

Finally, furniture rentals allow you to avoid taking on more debt. If you've already financed too many major purchases or have imperfect credit, rental furniture provides a practical solution that won't further tap your resources. Monthly furniture rental prices tend to be quite low and easy to fit into your budget, and go even lower if you agree to lease the furniture for an extended period of time.

Find Furniture to Rent

Many home furnishing retailers offer rentals; they just may not advertise them because they'd prefer to sell rather than lease their inventory. If you approach them, though, you may well find that they offer everything from sofa rentals and bed rentals to home electronics and appliance rentals.

Online furniture rentals are another option you should definitely look into. The Internet offers an excellent way for you to instantly compare rental prices and terms. Most furniture rental companies offer flexible short-term leases as well as longer-term, more affordable options for both residential and office furniture.

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