Water Softener Rental

Rent a water softener system

Having soft water in your home makes cleaning easier, helps appliances and surfaces keep their original luster longer, and reduces your usage of harsh soaps and chemical cleansers. Water softener rentals offer homeowners the ability to enjoy all the benefits of soft water without investing wads of cash in the purchase of a softening unit.

The Benefits of a Water Softener System

Some of the advantages of using a whole house water softener include:

  • A reduction in your use of cleaning solutions. Soft water is more effective than hard water at cleaning surfaces, meaning you'll have to use less soap and chemicals to get the job done.
  • Less soap scum and water scale buildup. Hard water leaves behind thick residues on surfaces which, over time, can become very difficult to remove. Soft water doesn't leave these traces behind, helping your surfaces look like new for longer.
  • Better baths and showers. Soft water is easier on your skin, and is more effective at rinsing away soap and shampoo. The result is a cleaner, more vibrant you!
  • Safer drinking water. Magnesium and calcium can build up in your water pipes and end up in your drinking water. If you have a drinking water softener, these chemical buildups will erode and clear out, meaning that your drinking water will have fewer contaminants.

Rent a Water Softener

There are a lot of options available in the world of water softeners. You can get regular systems or high-efficiency systems, and each type uses different designs and technologies to regenerate your soft water supply.

Twin tank designs, for example, ensure that you will have soft water available 24 hours a day, as they will continually replenish the supply. On-demand regeneration systems are great water savers, as they'll only make more soft water when you need it rather than storing softened water in a tank. Counter-current regenerative water softeners are excellent at removing buildups of chemicals and contaminants that are often byproducts of the softening process. A magnetic water softener uses magnet-driven fluid treatment technologies to soften water, and can extend the life of your hot water tank and dishwasher by reducing corrosion.

You might be able to save some money off your monthly rental price by pairing your water softener with a hot water heater rental. Customers who place multiple appliance rental orders with a single company are sometimes extended discounts as a thank-you for the extra business.

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