Washer Dryer Rental

What you should know about washer and dryer rental

Washing machines and clothes dryers are among the most expensive home appliances on the market. If you need laundry equipment but don't have the cash to buy it or the credit to finance it, a washer-dryer rental may be the ideal solution.

Rent a Washer-Dryer Combo

Cash scarcity and an inability to get financed are the top reasons people get washer and dryer rentals, but there are other advantages of renting rather than owning. First, by getting a dryer rental and washer rental, you may be able to get more advanced models than you could otherwise afford. Instead of being forced to purchase appliances that are only in your price range, you need only accommodate a low monthly rental payment into your budget, which may open the door for you to get premium products.

When you rent, you also won't be responsible for any equipment breakdowns or malfunctions. If your washing machine rental or dryer stops working properly, all you have to do is notify the rental company. They will dispatch a repairman on your behalf, and you won't have to pay a penny to get your appliances fixed. In some cases, saving the costs of appliance repairs alone makes up for the cost of the rental.

Finally, while conventional financial wisdom suggests it is always better to own, the truth is that homeowners rarely sell their used washers and dryers. Instead, it is more common to use them until they break down for good. Given that one of the primary benefits of appliance ownership is the ability to resell the equipment, this perk effectively disappears if the equipment is never resold. In such a case, the difference between buying and renting is negligible, and renting may actually cost you less at the end of the day while giving you the freedom and flexibility to replace older equipment with newer substitutes at any time.

Get a Washer and Dryer Rental

As with TV rentals, many retailers offer consumers the option to rent equipment rather than buy it, or take it home on a rent-to-own basis. The Internet and local appliance retailers will be your best sources of quality washer and dryer rentals in your area.

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