Steam Cleaner Rental

Rent a steam cleaner

Keeping your carpets clean and looking new is one of the trickier aspects of home ownership. Between guests, kids and pets, all kinds of messes wind up getting ground into your carpet fibers. Over time, your carpet loses its original luster and becomes dingy, dull and dirty. When that happens, it's time to get a steam cleaner rental.

Advantages of Using a Home Steam Cleaner

A portable steam cleaner or steam vacuum cleaner is much more powerful than the regular vacuum cleaner you probably have in your home. These machines use advanced technologies to deep-clean carpets and blast away ground-in dirt. They are also able to remove more difficult stains, like mud and oil. If you have tough spills or stains, you can pre-treat them with a carpet cleaning solution, then run the floor steam cleaner over top.

Renting a floor steam cleaner or handheld steam cleaner also gives you the same tools the professionals use for a fraction of the cost. Instead of calling in an expensive carpet cleaning company, get a steam cleaner rental, do the job yourself, and save.

Rent a Steam Cleaner

You can rent a steam cleaner from various sources. Many large chain supermarkets offer daily and weekly steam cleaner rentals at low prices. It is also common for home improvement centers and carpet wholesale outlets to offer carpet steam cleaner rentals to customers. No matter where you choose to get your rental, you should always call ahead and book your steam vacuum cleaner to avoid disappointment.

As with a pressure washer rental, dehumidifier rental or any other short-term appliance rental, rates shift according to the length of time you need the appliance. Hourly rates are generally the steepest, and when all is said and done, it may be cheaper and less stressful to rent the steam cleaner for the day.

Replacing your carpet costs a lot of money, and it's far better to take good care of the carpet you have than it is to pay to install a new one. If you take care to avoid tracking dirt and mud on the carpet and give your rug a regular steam cleaning, you will extend its life by years and have more money to invest in other home improvement projects.

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