Refrigerator Rental

Fridge, freezer and water cooler rental

Refrigerator rentals offer a convenient solution for business owners and homeowners with short-term needs. Companies that offer fridge and freezer rentals typically have flexible lease terms and can deliver units quickly in emergencies. You can also rely on these companies for special occasions that call for a portable refrigerator or water cooler rental.

Fridge Rentals for Homeowners

Part of the burden of ownership is that you're responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all your appliances. If your fridge or freezer is nearing the end of its life and you don't have the money to spend on replacements, getting a fridge rental offers a quick and easy solution. Typically, you can rent your choice of refrigerator and freezer with little or no money down, at monthly rates that are very affordable. You won't have to worry about credit checks or paying cash; simply arrange for delivery and installation.

If your fridge or freezer quits unexpectedly, you may face the loss of hundreds of dollars' worth of stored food. Many fridge and freezer rental companies offer same-day service, so you can prevent food spoilage while your current fridge is repaired or replaced. If you deal with a company that offers rent to own appliances, you can even build in the option to purchase the refrigerator you rent after an agreed-upon period of time.

Many college students also rent compact refrigerators and mini refrigerators for their dorm rooms. In some cases, rentals are arranged by college administration; if not, you can take advantage of rental services that cater specifically to this consumer segment. For example, some party rental services will stock mini fridges.

Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer Rentals

If you're a business owner, the benefits of renting rather than buying refrigerators and freezers are well-documented. Renting gives you superior cost control from month to month, as you'll know exactly how much money you'll have to lay out for equipment. If you own your refrigerators and freezers, equipment breakdowns can unexpectedly cost you thousands of dollars.

Another benefit of commercial fridge and freezer rentals is that they don't tap into your cash reserves. Instead of taking out loans to purchase this equipment, you can rent them for lower monthly costs without having to pay a lot up front, leaving you with more capital to invest in other areas of your business.

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