Range Rental

Range cookers and other kitchen rental equipment

Appliance ownership often comes with the financial burden of maintaining, repairing or replacing your equipment. Because of this, more and more people are choosing to rent furniture and appliances rather than buy them, and a range rental is one of many options you have at your disposal.

Benefits of Kitchen Rentals

A kitchen range is one of the most expensive home appliances you'll ever buy – which means it's also one of the most expensive to replace if and when it breaks down. If you rent range cookers instead of buying them, you'll free yourself from worrying about what happens if the unit breaks down. It won't cost you a cent out of your pocket to have a new gas range or electric range brought in; repairing the malfunctioning unit is the rental company's responsibility, not yours.

If you like to regularly update your kitchen with new appliances, range rentals are definitely the way to go. When you decide you want a newer model or a range with more features, simply order a new one from the rental company. This is especially advantageous if you've remodeled your kitchen and your old range doesn't mix well with your new décor.

These same good-sense principles apply to other major appliances and home electronics. The benefits of TV rentals are identical, as are the advantages of washer-dryer rentals, computer rentals, refrigerator rentals and furniture rentals.

Commercial Kitchen Rentals for Business Owners

If you run a restaurant, cafeteria or other food service business, range rentals can help you run your business more smoothly and predictably, saving you cash to invest in other areas. The major advantage of leasing commercial kitchen equipment is that you don't have to take out loans to purchase them up-front. This leaves you with more flexibility, as your credit won't be tapped out on equipment, leaving you free to invest borrowed money to promote and grow your business in more productive ways.

Renting also delivers cost certainty. You don't have to worry about keeping slush funds ready to cover equipment replacements, and you won't ever be surprised by unexpected, expensive repairs. Renting or leasing instead of buying fixes your monthly costs, giving you more control over your company's financial health.

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