Pressure Washer Rental

All about power washer rental

A pressure washer uses the power of a motorized pump to remove caked-on dirt and grime from decks, fences, driveways and aluminum siding. They can also be used to quickly and efficiently wash your car, especially if it's become unusually dirty. Many homeowners and vehicle owners have an occasional need for a powerful cleaning tool, and you can get a pressure washer rental that will blast away dirt and leave surfaces looking like new.

Understand Power Washer Rental Ratings

There are two power washer specifications you should know about before you head off to the rental company: PSI and GPM. PSI stands for "pounds per square inch," and it refers to the amount of pressure that a washer actually exerts. Considering that your garden hose, on full blast, offers about 40 PSI, you can easily see how even a low-pressure washer rating of 1,500 PSI is much more powerful. Pressure washer rentals go up to about 4,000 PSI, though you probably won't need any more than 3,000 PSI to remove even the most stubborn stuck-on muck.

GPM stands for "gallons per minute," and it refers to the actual volume of water that the pressure washer releases. Most electric pressure washer and gas pressure washer rentals put out between 2 and 4 GPM, and the more water the unit uses, the faster it will clean.

Rent a High Pressure Washer

With PSI and GPM ratings in mind, you need to assess the size of your cleanup project. If you have a lot of stubborn caked-on dirt and mud covering a large area, you'll want a high pressure washer with a PSI rating that delivers a lot of GPM. Smaller, more localized projects require less PSI pressure and fewer GPM. Typically, prices of portable pressure washer rentals are commensurate with the power specifications of the unit, with more powerful units commanding higher rental prices.

If you need an exceptionally powerful washer to complete your task, you should always reserve your unit in advance to avoid disappointment. Typically, you will be asked to put down a deposit on your rental, which will be refunded after you return the equipment in the same condition it was in when you borrowed it.

Pressure washer rentals are typically available through home improvement retailers. These businesses may also offer other rental equipment, such as floor sander rentals and tool rentals.

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