Hot Tub Rental

About hot tub and spa rentals

A hot tub rental turns up the fun dial at any party or special event. You can get portable hot tub rentals or spa rentals for both intimate enjoyment and for larger groups of people. They can be set up on your deck, on the lawn in your backyard or, if you have room, inside your house.

It is strongly recommended that you book your hot tub or spa rental well in advance, especially at peak periods such as long weekends in the summer. By booking ahead, you will enjoy a broader range of options, and you'll have a better chance at scoring a great deal on your rental.

How Hot Tub Rentals Work

Rental policies vary from place to place and are created at the sole discretion of the rental company. However, there are a few common practices that you should be aware of so that you're ready when it comes time to rent.

First of all, many hot tub rental companies require that customers be at least 18 years of age with a valid credit card. Usually, you will be asked to use your credit card to put down a deposit on the rental, or a "hold fee" will be applied to your credit card. This hold fee is not an actual charge; it just holds a certain amount of money to ensure it's available if the hot tub or spa rental company has to levy charges for late returns or damage.

Usually, you can rent hot tubs on a weekly basis, or just for the weekend. Most rental agencies count the weekend as Thursday evening until Monday morning. Your portable hot tub will be delivered, placed where you want it and set up by professionals, who will then instruct you on proper care and maintenance of the tub. They will also show you how to condition the water in the hot tub so it remains safe and clean for the duration of the rental period.

If you're planning an outdoor party, a portable refrigerator rental makes an excellent companion to a hot tub – you can keep refreshments nearby and keep the hot tub party going strong without interrupting the fun.

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