Heater Rental

Warm up with electric heater rental equipment

Whether your furnace quit in the middle of winter or you want to host an outdoor event and Jack Frost is among the guests you're expecting, a heater rental is an ideal solution. Rental agencies offer a full selection of temporary and portable heating units, including patio heater rentals and outdoor heater rentals as well as space heaters for the indoors.

Heater Rental Options

Portable heaters come in two main varieties: electric heater rental equipment and propane heater rentals. Electric heaters are typically used indoors and on patios and in backyards, where they can be connected to a steady, reliable power source. Heaters can be mounted on the ground, the wall or even overhead, depending on the size of the area you wish to heat.

Propane heater rentals are a better option if you're heading somewhere remote. If you're on a job site that's nowhere near electrical outlets, or if you go winter camping and want a surefire way to stay warm, propane heater rentals make an excellent solution.

Use Your Rented Heater Safely

As with generator rentals, safety considerations are very important when you're dealing with portable electric or propane heaters. Here are some important safety considerations to keep in mind when selecting and using your portable heater rental:

  • Make sure the heater has guards or bumpers around the heating elements.
  • Use only heavy-duty extension cords when you connect electric heater rental equipment to power sources.
  • Never run a heater's power cord underneath any rugs or carpeting to get it to an outlet.
  • Under no circumstances should you leave a heater running unattended. It is not recommended that you run indoor space heaters continually, either.
  • Do not get any water near the heater, and never touch a heater when you are wet.
  • Never use a heater to thaw out frozen piping or as a place to dry wet clothing.
  • Always place the heater on a stable, level surface.

Finally, always read the owner's manual, which should be supplied even with rented heaters. If you have any questions about the heater's safe use, do not hesitate to contact the rental company or consult the owner's manual.

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