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Shedding some light on power generator rental

Generator rentals are available both to industrial and private consumers who have unique or high-demand electricity needs. While power generator rentals are more common on engineering and construction job sites, you may need one for your home if you're tackling a special project and need to generate more power than is available from your electrical outlets.

Portable generator rentals are also available to meet electricity demands in the event of a power outage. If an accident or storm has knocked out the power in your area and you don't have the time to stop working, generator rentals will keep you going strong until your municipality is able to restore electrical service. Much like an air conditioner rental, generator rentals are usually sought to meet a temporary rather than ongoing need.

Types of Generator Rentals

As you look for power generator rentals, you'll find that you have more options than you may initially have realized. Some of the available options include electric generator rentals, diesel generator rentals, low-noise generators, backup generators and portable generators.

Electric generators use power to make power, so you'll need a working power supply in place if you want to use them. If no such power supply is available, diesel generator rentals are the option for you. These generators run on diesel fuel and do not require any other type of power input to create electrical current.

Low-noise generators are available if you need quiet; they are a fixture on movie and television shoots. Backup generators are used if it is crucial that you have a supply of electricity at all times, and they will continue to supply your operation with electricity even if primary power service is knocked out. Portable generator rentals are an ideal solution for construction contractors, who often need to supply power tools and equipment with electricity at remote locations.

Generator Safety

It is important to follow proper safety procedures anytime you're working with electricity. Here are some important generator safety tips:

  • Never use a generator indoors. They release carbon monoxide, which can kill you within minutes if inhaled.
  • Protect the generator from the elements if you're going to use it in wet conditions. Create a rain barrier around the generator so it doesn't get wet.
  • Use only heavy-duty cords to connect tools and equipment to the generator. Make sure the cord has the proper wattage rating before connecting it.
  • Never plug a generator into a wall outlet in your home in an attempt to use it to run your home's wiring. This creates a very dangerous situation, which poses a risk of both fires and electrocution.
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