Floor Sander Rental

Smooth things over with a drum sander rental

If you're refurbishing or refinishing your hardwood floor, a floor sander rental will likely be called upon to help get the job done. Used to remove imperfections from floor surfaces and create a smooth, even surface, floor sanders are available in numerous types, each of which is best used in specific circumstances. Before you go to rent a floor sander, you should know about the four main types available and the situations in which each would be the best choice.

The Four Main Types of Floor Sanders

A drum sander rental is the most common type you'll find available. Drum sanders have sandpaper wrapped around drums with rapidly rotate atop the surface of the floor. They help you get the job done quickly and efficiently, but you've got to handle them properly. If they stay in one spot for too long, they will actually put permanent grooves in the wooden flooring, and they are heavy.

As an alternative to a drum sander rental, you might consider a square sander. Using square-shaped sander pads, these units offer more control than drum sanders, but less power. It will take you a longer time to complete your floor sanding with a square sander, but you'll have precision control over your equipment.

If you want the efficiency of a drum sander but don't want to worry about whether you're going with or against the grain, an orbital sander may be the solution. These sanders move in powerful circular motions, but give you better control.

Finally, drum sanders usually can't reach up against wall areas, so you may need to get an edging sander to take care of the corners and other tricky and tight spots.

Floor Sander Hire Made Easy

To get a hardwood floor sander rental, you should first collect some quotes on price rates. Home improvement retailers often offer floor sander rentals and typically also offer carpet cleaner rentals, but you should also check with local industrial and tool rental companies as well. Rates are typically available by the hour, day and week. Unless you're sure the job will only take a couple of hours, you're usually best off to get the day rate. It's cheaper on an hourly basis than shorter-term rentals, and you won't have to rush through the job to get it done on time.

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