Carpet Cleaner Rental

Professional carpet cleaner and vacuum rentals

It's inevitable that your carpet will accrue a buildup of dust and dirt over time. To keep it looking its best, you should have it steam cleaned regularly. To save money off the cost of hiring a professional carpet cleaner, you can do the job yourself by getting a carpet cleaner rental.

Carpet Cleaners and Steam Cleaner Rentals

Using a carpet steam cleaner is fairly straightforward. Your first step will be to remove as many furnishings as possible from the room you want to clean. While you can leave heavier items like couches, televisions and chairs in place, keep in mind that this may eventually result in discolored portions of carpet, as areas that were steam cleaned will take on a different appearance than areas that were not.

Next, thoroughly vacuum the carpet using your regular vacuum cleaner. Then, fill the carpet cleaner rental with cleaning solution and hot water in the indicated proportions. When you're ready to begin, it's best to start in a far corner and work your way across, then back through the room. Once you've finished cleaning, the carpet will be damp and you've got to give it time to dry before you walk on it again. If your carpet is heavily soiled, you may need to repeat this process.

An industrial carpet cleaner is another option, though these machines are designed for fast, heavy-duty cleaning of large areas of carpet and are rarely the best choice for home use.

Vacuum Rentals

If your home's regular vacuum cleaner isn't powerful enough to suck up ground-in dirt and dust before you steam clean your carpet, you can rent a stronger vacuum that is specially designed for heavy-duty applications. Typically, companies that offer steam cleaner rentals will also have vacuum rentals available, and you might qualify for a discount on the overall price if you rent both units instead of just one.

You might want to purchase a steam cleaner for your home if you anticipate using one with enough regularity to justify the investment. If so, look for companies that offer rent to own appliances. For a small down payment or deposit and a low monthly rate, you will be able to use the steam cleaner as often as you like and, after the rental period has elapsed, you will have the option to finance the balance of the purchase price if you want to keep the steam cleaner.

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