Air Conditioner Rental

Keep cool with rental air conditioning

If the heat of summer is getting to be too much for you to handle, an air conditioner rental can cool you down without costing you a fortune. Air conditioning rental units are widely available, and portable air conditioner rentals can usually be professionally installed the same day you order them.

Companies that specialize in indoor climate control offer a variety of products, both to residential and commercial customers. You can rent anything from portable window air conditioners and fans to blowers and ventilation system accessories for your home or business.

Why Get an Air Conditioner Rental?

Like a heater rental, the number-one reason people rent air conditioners is to meet a temporary need. Regardless of whether you rent your dwelling or own it, an air conditioner breakdown during the dog days of summer can create an unbearable living situation. It will take time to make repairs to your primary air conditioning unit, especially if you have a centralized HVAC system, so a portable rental air conditioner suddenly becomes a very viable solution. Many companies will send a technician over to set the equipment up and get it working the very day you order it, minimizing your discomfort.

Find Rental Air Conditioning Solutions

Before you go ahead and rent an air conditioner, you should first make sure it's going to be worth your while. If your primary unit will only be out of service for a day or two, making do with fans might be a less costly alternative. However, if it's going to be down for a week or more, a portable rental air conditioner may be the better option. As with any type of appliance or equipment rental, the longer you rent, the lower your daily rate.

Air conditioner rentals are available both from general appliance rental warehouses as well as specialized climate control businesses. In most cases, you'll get a better selection of air conditioners from a company whose only business is climate control, but if you just need a basic portable window-mounted unit, you likely won't have a problem sourcing a suitable piece of equipment. From there, it becomes a matter of shopping for the best rates, terms and service. Look for a company that will promptly install the air conditioner for the best possible price.

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