Appliance Rental

Guide to consumer electronics rental or appliance rental

If you need a new fridge, washer and dryer, entertainment center or range but don't have the cash to lay down, you can rent home appliances rather than buy them. Appliance rental services are an affordable alternative to making major purchases, and many rental companies offer flexible terms that add up to good sense at the end of the day.

Why Get Rental Appliances?

Conventional wisdom suggests it's better to buy than rent when it comes to major appliances like refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers and stoves. Given that many furniture stores offer financing options to customers, why would you rent instead of buy?

First, appliance financing options are generally only available to consumers with high credit scores. If you are carrying a lot of credit card debt, your credit score will go down, and this may disqualify you from getting financing. Alternatively, you may be offered financing, but at a high interest rate that effectively increases the sale price of the appliance by a significant amount. A rental may be the answer in such a situation – you will get the home appliance you need, for a monthly payment you can afford.

It also makes sense to rent rather than buy if you will only need a specific appliance for a short period of time. Whether you're about to move into a new, furnished home and your fridge quit, need a floor sander rental to refinish your floor or a heater rental to get you through the last months of winter, short-term appliance rentals definitely make more sense than buying.

Consumer Electronics Rental or Appliances Rental

When it comes to appliances rental and renting, a straight monthly lease may not be the only option available to you. Many suppliers and retailers offer appliances and home electronics on a rent-to-own basis.

With a rent-to-own appliance rental, you will pay the vendor a modest down payment for the right to lease the appliance for a specified period of time. Once that period of time expires, if the appliance is still in good condition, you will be given the option to return it to the vendor, or finance out the remainder of the purchase price. The money you've already paid in will count against the total price, leaving you to finance only the difference. This is an excellent alternative if you have less-than-optimal credit yet you still want to enjoy the benefits of ownership.

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